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1st Class Bail Bonds NJ is an organization that will cover the bail for a defendant. Family members and friends of incarcerated New Jersey residents can apply for this type of loan for the defendant’s release. One of our friendly bail bondsman will travel to the jail and pay the bail for the client.

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As a full service New Jersey bail bonds company we provide assistance in any Court, any Jail, 365 days a year 24 hours a day. We never close and will respond to your bail needs faster than you expect.

We have professional, courteous staff ready to assist you with the bailbond information you need right away about posting bail. We know this time can be difficult for you and your family so please let us assist you. Our bondsmen are professional and discreet ensuring a quiet process of bonding your loved one out jail.

Bail Bonds NJ Services

New Jersey bail is an amount of money the courts assign for the release of a person from jail before a pending court case. A judge usually determines this amount when a defendant arrives at the police station for processing. The judge will look at the defendant’s criminal history and the type of crime the officer is charging. If the defendant has an extensive criminal history, the judge will assign a high bail amount. Likewise, if the crime is of a high caliber, the bail amount will be extensive. The NJ jail will not release the defendant unless he or she comes up with the required bail payment.


Applying For a NJ Bail Bond

Applying for a bail bond is very simple. The first thing an applicant must do is contact a reputable New Jersey bail bond company. He or she can initiate contact by e-mail, phone or personal appearance. When the applicant comes into the office, he or she will need information about the case, the defendant, the jail, and his or her income and credit. The bondsman will review the applicant’s credentials and the specifics of the case. He will make a determination on whether he can help the applicant after reviewing the necessary documentation.

Bail Fees and Requirements

1st Class Bail Bonds NJ may charge a 10 percent fee for our services. The fee will most likely be 10 percent of the total bail amount.

1st Class Bail Bonds may ask for collateral if the applicant does not meet the initial income or credit criteria for a loan. The individual may have to supply our bond company with the title to a vehicle or deed to a home. We will then hold these titles until the defendant appears in court and will release the lien once the court case is over.

Disclaimer:  This information is issued as a public education service by 1st Class Bail Bonds NJ and does not constitute legal advice, which should only be given by your attorney. The contents of this post pertain only to the laws of the State of New Jersey.